Eagle Alchemy Energetics 3


Eagle Alchemy, shamanic spiritual healing & consciousness awakening for ourselves and others

LEVEL 3 training Sat 13th & Sun 14th November, 2021 

* pre-requisite is completion and integration of levels 1&2 

Fee: UK£180.00 / USA $240.00

Both days 1.30-6.30pm UK / 8.30am-1.30pm USeast 

Register and Enquire james@jpenergywisdom.com

Alchemy Energetics is a powerful, yet simple system of shamanic spiritual healing and consciousness develolment. Deeply embodied healing from the heart!

It is a high vibrational and easily-accessible modern healing system drawing from ancient and contemporary symbolism, and techniques of many spiritual and shamanic traditions, including The Om, Infinity, Ankh, Lighthouse, Totem, Shamans Feather and more.

Eagle Alchemy which delivers a range of subtle energy, wisdom and healing for the times we live in, including the Alchemy Energetic methods and tools for supporting ourselves and others have been channelled by spiritual teachers White Eagle (male)  and Love Eagle (female) from the ascended Alchemy Collective group of spirit guides.

There are currently three levels...

  • Spiritual Healer (level 1) -1day
  • Shamanic Healer (level 2) - 1day 
  • Eagle Alchemy and Core Energetics (level 3) - 2days

and Eagle Alchemy Development Circles for on-going training and support ( 2hours)

LEVEL 3 - Eagle Alchemy (2 days)

  • Review level one and two of Alchemy Energetics
  • Receive an additional sacred attunement to Alchemy Energetics 
  • Deepen our understanding of  Eagle Alchemy (divine magic) and modern shamanism. 
  • Discover and practise additional uses of the Shamanic symbols and contemporary energy tools including the powerful ceremonies of Soul Retrieval; Soul Essence Healing, Shamanic Extraction, Entity Release, Inner Child Development, Self-realisation
  • Practise an alchemy healing session integrating levels one, two and three, including Soul level healing
  • Practise other uses of the system including distance sessions, working with groups or situations and space clearing. 

This is an impactful healing modality for everyone seeking robust healthy energy for ourselves & others.

register and enquiries  james@jpenergywisdom.com.  * prerequisite of levels 1&2 must be succesfully completed and integrated first .

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