Alchemy Energetics (level 3)


IAlchemy Energetics - Eagle Alchemy (level 3) **max 12 participants**

£250.00 (earlybird fee £195.00)


Alchemy Energetics is a powerful, yet simple system of spiritual healing, shamanic healing, universal symbology and consciousness awakening.

It is a high vibrational and easily-accessible advanced system drawing from ancient and contemporary symbolism & techniques of many spiritual traditions, including The Om, Infinity, the Ankh, lighthouse, totem, feathers and orbs. 

These modern methods and energetic tools for ourselves and others have been channelled by spiritual teachers White Eagle (male) and Love Eagle (female) from an ascended collective called The Alchemy of The Divine.

There are three levels:

Spiritual Healer (level 1)

Shamanic Healer (level 2)

Perfecting Alchemy Energetics

Eagle Alchemy (level 3) 

In this advanced practioner (level 3) workshop you will:

  • Review level one and two of Alchemy Energetics
  • Receive an additional sacred attunement to Alchemy Energetics ( level three)
  • Deepen our understanding of  Alchemy (divine magic) and modern shamanism. 
  • Discover and practise additional uses of the Shamanic symbols and contemporary energy tools including the powerful ceremonies of Soul Retrieval; Soul Essence healing, Shamanic Extraction, Entity Release, Inner Child Development, Self-Realisation
  •  Practise an alchemy healing session integrating levels one, two and three, including Soul level healing
  • Practise other uses of the system including distance sessions, working with groups or situations and space clearing. 

Alchemy Energetics level one and two is the pre-requisite to level three.

You will receive a certificate on completion of this workshop ( & 3 treatment case studies)

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Biography: James Philip, a Scot, based near London, brings more than 20 years of experience of Energy Wisdom, Healing, Shamanism, Channelled Guidance all blended and offered as Eagle Alchemy.

James is the founder and lead faculty of Energy Wisdom, a thriving school and healing practise based in Central London, specialising in various forms of spiritual healing, channelling, psychic sensing and consciousness development, and with remote services supporting thousands of people around the world into good health and wellbeing.

He is also core faculty and a consultant at the prestigious College of Psychic Studies, London and founder of the Alchemy Energetics embodied healing system.

James offers workshops, retreats, group healing and individual sessions internationally, in Scotland, UK, Europe and USA, and is a regular visiting teacher to nearby Omega Holistic Institute.

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