Shamanic Gathering


Shamanic Gathering
By Zoom 7.00-8.30pm UK / 2.00-3.30pm US east

Next: Monday 13th Sept 2021

UK£30.00 / EU€35.00 / US$40.00
suitable for most people as an explanation given

Enjoy a deeply relaxing guided Shamanic meditation. Journey in meditation into our "invisible" world to blend with our animal spirit guides; nature spirits, spiritual teachers, power animals for healing and/or guidance! Ideal for everyone as there is an explanation before the Journey for the beginner.

The journey is an ancient ritual found in most of the worlds shamanic cultures including native North & South Americas and the Celtic traditions of Europe. It's based on the belief that we exist in three worlds simultaneously: The upper world; middle world (earths surface) and the lower world. 


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