Release, Receive and Create 2022


Release, Receive and Create 2022

Deeply supportive energy healing to start the year light, resourced and creative

Saturday 15th Janaury 2022    1.30-5.30pm UK £70.00 / 8.30am-12.30 noon  US east $90.00. Gather by Zoom

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Join a small deep healing gathering to Release our old energies and Receive the new energies awaiting us. Energetically prepared to create our year ahead. Maximum 9 participants.

Together with several rounds of energy healing, guidance, meditations and sharing we embrace deep healing….


Relaxation and Grounding Meditation 

Chakra and Aura Cleanse

Release the root cause energies of current limiting issues

Dissolve unhealthy psychic relational cords 

Ancestral and Past Life Clearing 

Guided meditations to clear, calm and refresh the mind / become fully present / conciously create from the heart

Nourish and Restore all of our energy systems including chakras, energy bodies, meridians, nervous system, hormone systems, inner children.

Enhance cell renewal including Neural Pathways to help welcome new streams of healthy new thinking

Stregthen our capacity to intuitivlely acces and create more of our true hearts desire for 2022 and beyond

Energise; deep integration and grounding


Suitable for everyone seeking energy support to start the year Light, Strong and Creative

Register direct  by email


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