Psychic Development London


Psychic Development - intuition training especially for intermediate level and near beginners

The Therapy Centre, 2 Neals Yard, Covent Garden, London - 3 Friday evenings 7.00-9.00pm

Friday Evenings - 01 / 08 / 15 June, 2018


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An intimate workshop, with spiritual channel and contemporary shaman, James Philip, to explore and develop your natural abilities of psychic intuition, sensing the subtle realms and connecting to Spirit Guides and allies.

Delivered in a fun, down-to-earth manner, this workshop is deeply transformative and empowering.

During the workshop we will:

  • Blend with our spirit guides, deepening the connections, to enhance our spirit communications. 
  • Through guided meditation enjoy a deeper awareness of the subtle energies of our chakra system and how the chakras support our psychic sensing. 
  • Learn simple meditations and techniques to prepare you psychically including energetic grounding, running energy, protection and “warm up” exercises. 
  • Practice in pairs using our spiritual gifts of clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling) and clairaudience (hearing). 
  • Receive transformative healing and channelled guidance from James’ spirit guides to expand our spiritual sensing
  • Meditate as a group to access and channel higher consciousness and healing energies.

Suitable for near beginners, intermediates, as well as those with lots of previous experience seeking a warm conducive vibe to practise in. Register direct with

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