Dynamic Meditation Group


Dynamic Meditation Group

dynamic energetic meditation practises for self-care holistic health support
01 Adam and Eve Mews
Kensington High Street
Tuesday 18th June 1.30 - 5.00pm. £100.00 

Register Direct with Anamaya  Tel. 0203 011 0355    info@anamaya.co.uk

more information James@jpenergywisdom.com

Join a small intimate group (5 maximum) of like minded people to learn, refresh, practise and perfect energetic meditation practises to support us in daily life...
Together we learn how to deepen our meditation for the ultimate self-care with visual meditations to support us in many ways in daily life including...

Creating an energetic Sacred Space

Calm clear mind, focused on the present day

Deep relaxation, grounding and nourishment 
Balanced stress levels, hormones, nervous system 
Energy awareness, support and healing
Increased conscious awareness 
The Meditation Group is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy the holistic health benefits of a dynamic meditation practise.

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