Karma Clear Rhinebeck, NY


Eagle Alchemy: Karma Clear!*

Izlind Integrative Wellness Center, Rhinebeck Friday 19th July 2019

6369 Mill Street #101 NY, 12572

7.00-8.30pm $50.00 *limited to 14 participants*

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Energy healing for deep transformation and a sense of a fresh start, energised and with a clean slate! 

Relax and receive shamanic spiritual healing energies and techniques specifically focused on the deeper karmic and spiritual auric bodies.

Often the root causes of our most chronic/stubborn issues are held deeply within our karmic energy body, so no matter how much we transform the physical symptoms / emotional and mental aspects, the issue may “re-grow” from the karmic root-cause. This channelled group healing is intended to shift us permanently through our unhealthy belief systems and behavioural patterns into the new happier and  healthier ways awaiting us.

Suitable for everyone.  

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enquires james@jpenergywisdom.com



James Philip, a Scot, based near London, brings more than 20 years of passionate experience of Energy Wisdom, Healing, Shamanism, Channelled Guidance offered from the spiritual collective Eagle Alchemy.
James is the founder of Energy Wisdom, a thriving school and healing practise based in Central London, specialising in various forms of energy healing & guidance, channelling, psychic sensing and consciousness development, and with remote services supporting thousands of people around the world into good health and wellbeing.
He is a regular teacher and energy guide at the The Big Pause Retreat, Spain and The College of Psychic Studies and founder of the Alchemy Energetics shamanic spiritual healing system.
James also offers Eagle Alchemy workshops, retreats, group healing and individual sessions internationally, in Scotland, UK, Europe and USA, and is a regular visiting teacher to Omega Holistic Institute., New York. www.jpenergywisdom.com

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