Connections with Guides and Allies


Connections with the Guides and Allies

developing healthy relationships with our spiritual and shamanic allies 

Neals Yard Treatment Rooms, 02 Neals Yard, Covent Garden 

10.30am -5.00am

£95.00 (earlybird until 29th Feb)

£110.00 from 1st March 

Enjoy guided meditations, journeys and technique to support our subtle spiritual awareness; helping us to identify and blend with the energy, wisdom and alchemy of our spiritual guides, teachers, animal spirits, power animal, angels and more.

Discuss, share and understand more about our spirit guides and shamanic allies and how to relate to them healthily for our conscious healing

Receive channelled healing and guidance from The Eagles, ascended shamanic teachers, specifically on the topic of spirit guides

This sacred space day is suitable for anyone with curiosity about spiritual beings, from near beginners to experienced. Limited to 10 participants


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