Solstice Celebrations 2020


Solstice Celebrations Festival
embrace the changes today and thrive for tomorrow

a series of healing events 18-22 June by Zoom

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This Solstice on Saturday 20th June is a particularly unique window in time for growthful healing and expansion, enhanced by mass stillness, softness, fluidity and uncertainty, the Window of Change is wide-open!

Whilst many are experiencing physical separation from family, friends and colleagues , some are working extra hard, some are suffering terribly, yet some are thriving, but  we can all benefit through meditation and spiritual healing, so  we can deepen our intimate connectivity with ourselves, others and the subtle realms, helping us to embrace change, to expand consciously, and actually thrive vibrantly ( not just cope) as we open up to create our new lives...

Enjoy as much or as little from these online Solstice Celebrations...

Thursday 18th June Solstice Shamanic Journey
Friday 19th June Solstice Healing Hub
Saturday 20th June Connect to Shamanic Allies  and Solstice Shamanic Journey **Saturday event sold out"
Sunday 21st June Lockdown : Open Up - channelling 
Monday 22nd June Together in Spirit - development circle ***Monday event sold out***

Solstice Celebration (all 5 events pass) UK £100.00 / US $125.00 / EU$110.00

Alternatively Individual Events:  register for as many or as few events to suit you, with more information and fees below.

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Thursday 18th Solstice Shamanic Journey
By Zoom 7.00-8.30pm GMT £25.00 / €28.00 / $33.00
suitable for everyone as explanation given

Celebrate the Summer Solstice with a deeply relaxing spiritual journey guided to the beat of the healing drum. Journey in meditation into our "invisible" world to blend with our animal spirit guides; spiritual teachers, power animals for a healing and/or guidance! Ideal for everyone as there is a full explanation and sharing before the Journey.
The journey is an ancient ritual found in most of the worlds shamanic cultures including native North & South Americas and the Celtic traditions of Europe. It's based on the belief that we exist in three worlds simultaneously: The upper world; middle world ( earths surface) and the lower world. 

Friday 19th June Solstice Healing Hub
distance energy healing suitable for everyone  *no technology link required* 7.30-8.15pm GMT £15.00 / $21.00  / €18.00

A group Energy Healing channelled remotely from The Eagles with simple and effective energy bridging methods which James has offered to groups and individuals over many years. It's a good time to upgrade our energies and our lives on every level. An opportunity to embrace the Solstice Energy and Awaken even more. How to receive? There is no technology linking, purely energetic: Lie down, deeply relax, with breath awareness, mildly meditate with focus in the chest/ heart,welcome the Eagle Energy to be "bridged" to you from James, and receive energy support in the comfort of your own home.

Solstice Saturday 20th Connect to Shamanic Allies  and Solstice Shamanic Journey  

2.00-3.30pm GMT £30.00 / €35.00 / $40.00 by Zoom  *a little previous experience of subtle awareness required and at least one shamanic journey

Celebrate the actual Solstice Day, enjoying a live guided visual meditation meeting and blending with our Animal Spirits and other Shamanic Allies, followed by a Shamanic Journey to the beat of the drum ( see Shamanic Journey Thursday 18th June above for full description). 

Sunday 21st Lock Down : Open Up 
7.00-8.30pm GMT £30.00 / €35.00 / $40.00 by Zoom
Channelled healing and guidance from White Eagle on the arts of acceptance, adaptability and flow

Join together in this sacred Circle  to receive the healing, guidance and teaching from The Ascended Eagles, White Eagle and Love Eagle, channelled through James, specifically to support us all in these rapidly changing and uncertain times.

Monday 22nd Together in Spirit - development circle
UK 7.00-8.30pm GMT £30.00 / €33.00 / $39.00 by Zoom
An experimental Development Circle connecting, blending and communing with our Spirit Guides, Shamanic Allies and other subtle realm energies for healing, guidance and the alchemy of these spiritual alliances.

Ideal for those with at least a little experience and comfort of developing spiritual and energy awareness and/ or psychic development.


Solstice Celebration (all 5 events) UK £100.00 / US $125.00 / EU$110.00

Register individually for as few or as many events as you feel

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James Philip, a Scot, based in Kent, near London, brings more than 20 years of experience and passionate delivery of Energy Wisdom, Shamanic Spiritual Healing and Channelled Guidance offered from the spiritual collective Eagle Alchemy.
James is the founder of Energy Wisdom, a thriving school and healing practise based in Central London, specialising in various forms of energy healing, channelling, psychic sensing and consciousness development, and with remote services supporting thousands of people around the world into good health and wellbeing.
He is Founder of Alchemy Energetics shamanic spiritual healing system, offering workshops, retreats, group healing and individual sessions remotely and in person internationally, in Scotland, UK, Europe and USA, and is a regular visiting teacher to Omega Holistic Institute, New York and Energy Guide of The Big Pause, Consciousness Retreat, Spain.

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