Simply Healing


Simply Healing

distance energy healing * no technology linking* 

16th Oct / 20th Nov (for 45mins) UK 19.30hrs // USA east coast 14.30hrs / west coast 11.30hrs for 45mins

Register      UK£15.00 / US$20.00 / EU€17.00  in advance to register please

A group Energy Healing channelled remotely from The Eagles to you via modern, simple and effective energy bridging methods which James has offered to groups and indicviduals over many years. It's time to upgrade our energies and our lives on every level. Time to Awaken even more.

What to do to receive?

Lie down, deeply relax, with breath awareness, mildly meditate with focus in the chest/ heart,welcome the Eagle Energy to be "bridged" to you,  and receive energy support in the comfort of your own home.  We will be moved by the needs of each group but some common supports will be....

Relax, destress and calm the energy field 

Grounding, Softening and deepening connections to Mother Earth ( really important at this time!)

Cleansing the energy bodies ie. Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Karmic

Transforming what issues may be triggered ( brought up) by the current health and socio-economic changes

Boost our Immunity & weaken viruses, infections and other invasive pathogens

Balance and Stregthen our Nervous System and Hormone Systems to Optimise Health and our Capacity to Adapt 

Balance our energy field and polarity.

Attend as many sessions as you feel the need. Limited availability to keep energetic potency.

Register direct

Fee in Advance Please on booking

uk£15.00 / usa $20.00 / eu€15.00

ideally by bank transfer (or Paypal 



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