Winter Warmer by Zoom


Winter Warmer 

Channelled guidance and energy healing for robust energetic immunity and holistic protection on every level of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. By Zoom

Friday 27th Nov 7.00-9.00pm UK  £35.00

 2.00-4.00pm east US  / 11.00am-1.00pm west US $45.00 

Often our immunity is only considered a physical health response but it is also deeply energetic, multi-dimensional with a  spiritual aspect 

Together we receive guidance to deepen our understanding of our energetic defences and stories,  receiving energy healing to support our natural resilience.. 

Clear and energise our aura

Transform “poverty” of immunity and other limiting issues 

Strengthen us to our external environment

Optimise our energy vitality on every level

Deep integration and grounding 


Ideal for everyone, no previous experience needed. Limited to 10 participants


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