Winter Solstice Festival


Winter Solstice Celebrations 

Five intuition and healing events to choose from 18-21 December

Connecting to the healing light and wisdom of the subtle realms as we boost our inner light this Winter Solstice


1) Simply Meditation for grounding and good health Friday 18th Dec UK 7.00-8.30pm £25.00 // US east 2.00-3.30pm $35.00 by Zoom ( all welcome) 

2) Gathering our Shamanic Allies - guided meditations to meet & merge with our Animal Spirits for healing and guidance 

Saturday 19th 2.30-4.00pm UK £25.00 //US east 9.30am $35.00 (all welcome) 

by Zoom

3) Embracing The Light guided meditations to  merge with the spirit of nature and elementals for guidance and healing; aligning with the three worlds and three planets to deeply receive The Light outside and inside,  this mid-winter. Sunday 20th Dec U.K. 2.30pm-4.00pm £25.00 // US east 9.30am $35.00 by Zoom ( all welcome) 

4) Solstice Light - remote healing Monday 21st Dec 2.30-3.15pm U.K. £15.00 // Us east 9.30am $20.00 ( no technology link / all welcome)  

5) Shamanic Wisdom Development Group Monday 21st Dec 7.00-8.45pm U.K. £30.00 // US 2.00pm-3.45pm $40.00

by Zoom (some intuition experience preferred ) 


Chose events individually, OR

All 5 events - U.K.  £100.00 / US $130.00 / EU €110.00


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