New Energy Pathways


New Energy Pathways for Thinking

Energy healing specifically for a healthy mind and brain to support new healthy Pathways of Thinking

Saturday 11th Sept by Zoom / UK 2.30-4.00pm £35.00 / USA east 9.30-11.00am $45.00

As we grow and expand some of our densest stubborn energy is wrapped up in our belief systems, mind constructs, narratives, and associated values and dependencies.

Together we align with our hearts creative desire; enjoy new clearer healthy thinking and be well resourced by Mother Earth.

As a group we receive the highest vibrational energy healing specifically to...

Rewrite our "thinking energy history" where our past conditioned thinking no longer supports us today 

Revitalise the brain, central & peripheral nervous systems and hormone systems 

Energise the "writing" of new thinking energy pathways, supporting new healthy beliefs 

All are very welcome, but particularly relevant to those on a conscious healing pathway

Register in advance as a small intimate group


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