Sixth Sense Development Group


Sixth Sense 

Developing our spiritual gifts of psychic sensing, energy awareness and mediumship.

For those with some previous experience, including intermediate to advanced.

Neals Yard Meeting Rooms, Covent Garden, London (buzzer entrance door between the Back-Rub and Aromatherapy Shops)

Sun 6th Nov 11.15am-5.00pm  £95.00

Register by email


Together in a small like minded group we explore with guided meditations…

Chakra balancing; grounding,  and aura expansion to help us explore the subtle realms healthily 

Psychic development, exploring and expanding our spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience

Understanding and practicing mediumship  as we enjoy the healing connections with our Guides, Teachers and loved ones 

Receive energy healing to boost our capacity for subtle awareness with deep integration, energising and grounding to close our day together 


Suitable for most people with some experience to the advanced ( but not complete beginners )


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