CREATE hearts desire 2019


CREATE more of our true hearts desire in 2019 and beyond!*

Neals Yard Therapy Centre, 02 Neals Yard, Covent Garden, London

Friday 1st February 2019 7.00-9.00pm £35.00   Register direct in advance *limited to 14 participants*

  • Do you sometimes feel stuck, stagnant or at a crossroads? 
  • Are familiar yet unwelcome patterns still in control, despite your best intentions? 
  • Is it time for real substantial change? 
  • Would you like more conscious loving control over 2019

Or maybe life is good and you simply want more of that goodness, but are unsure how to ‘make it happen’? 

In this impactful energy healing evening we practise modern dynamic meditations to become more fully present, balanced, energetically alligned, minimise unhealthy fantasising of our future, let go of unhealthy ways of the past and embrace our natural ability to access what our heart really wants and to more easily CREATE it consciously!*

register direct

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