Energy Wisdom - Rhinebeck, NY


Energy Wisdom

deepening our subtle sensitivity 

Izlind, Rhinebeck, NY
30th June 11.00am to 6.00pm 
$150.00 / $120.00 EarlyBird until 10th June


Join James in this relaxed and sacred space to gently experience and develop our energetic sensitivity, wisdom & good health, including our natural psychic gifts; sensing our own subtle energy systems and also external subtle realms including other people, nature spirits, the elementals and possibly our spiritual allies.

Delivered in a fun, down-to-earth manner, this workshop aims to be uplifting, expansive, empowering and super good fun too!

During this day we will:

Practise simple meditations and techniques to "warm-up" and "tune-in" including grounding, polarity balance, healthy energy flow and protection.
Enjoy guided meditations for subtle awareness of our chakra system, aura, vital organs and learn how they support our good energy balance, and physical wellbeing. 
Receive and practise a new dynamic energetic tool to support, balance and restore our subtle energy health and general holistic well-being.
Practice alone and in pairs sensing the energies of others exploring clairvoyance (seeing energy), clairsentience (feeling energy) and clairaudience (hearing energy).
Blend with other external energies possibly the Nature Spirits, the Elementals our Spirit Guides, Shamanic Animal Spirits, deepening the connections and refining the quality of energy relationships
Receive channelled guidance and coaching from James' spirit guides to support our unique Journeys in our non-rational worlds.


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