Awakening The Shaman


Eagle Alchemy: Awakening The Shaman

Increasing our capacity, focus and pleasure as healers, intuitve, teacher, therapist and carers. Deepening our sense of purpose, path and service.
Register on
The Ishy
96 Lansdowne Road ( downstairs to the basement door)
London W11 2LS
Sunday 12th May 10.30am-5.00pm ( arrive from 10.15am for tea)
Registration Open
£95.00 EarlyBird by 31st March / £120.00 thereafter 
*limited to 12 participants

Join James and the Eagle Alchemy shamanic teachers, in this sacred healing space to activate our natural Inner Shaman, gaining more support to walk our true spiritual path; in meaningful service, with clear purpose, good health and happiness. 

Together we embrace the wider group energy field, with psychic interpretation and channelled guidance through James from the Eagles. This will be a powerful day of energetic release, receiving and shamanic empowerment. 

In a friendly relaxed environment we enjoy...

Creating Sacred Space

Attune to The Eagles, shamanic teachers and other guides and allies

Receive a series of Eagle Alchemy energy healings specifically to strengthen and expand us as shamans, healers, sensitives, teachers, carers and any other providors of service

Guided visual meditations and energetic tools for ongoing self-support

Channelled teaching and individual guidance from the Eagles and other spiritual beings

Understand more about our delicate relationships with our shamanic spiritual path, purpose and service

Together we overcome our fears; release from energetic restrictions; accept and transform the "wounded healer",  to  step more robustly into our natural spiritual path, with increased confidence and capacity; clearer purpose and a deeper more joyful connection to our service.

This healing workshop is suitable for most people intending a spiritual upgrade or energetic boost, but especially for healers, intuitives, teachers and all therapists and carers.

James Philip, a Scot, based near London, brings more than 20 years of passionate experience of Energy Wisdom, Healing, Shamanism, Channelled Guidance offered from the spiritual collective Eagle Alchemy.
James is the founder of Energy Wisdom, a thriving school and healing practise based in Central London, specialising in various forms of energy healing & guidance, channelling, psychic sensing and consciousness development, and with remote services supporting thousands of people around the world into good health and wellbeing.
He is a regular teacher and energy guide at the The Big Pause Retreat, Spain and The College of Psychic Studies and founder of the Alchemy Energetics shamanic spiritual healing system.
James also offers Eagle Alchemy workshops, retreats, group healing and individual sessions internationally, in Scotland, UK, Europe and USA, and is a regular visiting teacher to Omega Holistic Institute., New York.

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