Karmic Zap


Karmic Zap 

Deep energy group healing 

Mon 1st Jul 2024,  7.00-8.30pm UK £25.00  // 2.00-3.30pm US east coast // US west 11.00am - 12.30pm $35.00

By Zoom, register in advance james@jpenergywisdom.com

Energy healing for deep transformation to let-go of our past; come fully present today, and embrace a fresher and fuller life 

Relax and receive shamanic spiritual healing energies and techniques specifically focused on the deeper karmic and spiritual auric bodies.

Often the root causes of our most chronic/stubborn issues are held deeply within our karmic energy body, so no matter how much we transform the physical symptoms / emotional and mental aspects, the issue may “re-grow” from the karmic root-cause. 

This channelled group healing is intended to  help shift us permanently through our unhealthy belief systems and behavioural patterns into the new happier and  healthier ways awaiting us.

Suitable for everyone

Register and pay in advance direct by email james@jpenergywisdom.com

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