Individual sessions - Channelled healing - Spiritual readings - Deep transformation - Practitioner Supervision

Individual Sessions -  mostly Remote by Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsAPP, Messenger and phone * regularly in-person in London and occasionally NYC

channelled guidance - shamanic healing & intuition - transformational healing - psychic readings - energy assessments - Practioner Supervision

Individual Sessions involve the channeling of particular high vibrational healing energies and clear guidance from a well established channel of spirit teachers, guides and Divine alchemy. Also, see Practioner Supervision below

Each session is tailored to help to understand and meet your needs, in a down-to-earth, intimate & friendly manner.

The benefits and approach of each session varies, but may include:

  • Deep relaxation, de-stress & energising (like an energy holiday!)
  • Deepening our understanding, acceptance & self love to embrace our true self.
  • Channelled guidance for healing, awakening, energetic alignment & personal empowerment.
  • Many spiritual & shamanic healing tools including energetic release, shamanic extraction, soul retrieval, ancestral, soul level and past life healing.
  • Divine Alchemy

Sessions can help with any dis-ease of life whether physical (material), emotional, mental or spiritual.

One session is often immediately impactful, but sometimes for deeper and long-term issues a series of 3-6 sessions may be recommended.

Practitioner Supervision, Training, Mentorship and Energy Wisdom Associate


Remote Sessions scheduled direct by email ( zoom / Skype / FaceTime / WhatsAPP / FaceTime / Messenger / phone to best suit the client) 

London Offices can be contacted directly for availability, information and booking:-

Anamaya, Kensington Church Street, London tel 0203 011 0355

To schedule a Remote session contact

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