Summer Love Day Retreat London


Summer Love

Conscious Healing Day Retreat - Making Space for more Abundance 

Violet Hill Studios, Maida Vale, London 

Sat 22nd June 10.30am - 5.30pm £95.00


Join a small intimate group for the deepest healing and conscious awareness as we access and transform the source of any remaining Poverty Consciousness, clearing the expand into even more Abundance of Love, Good Health, Vitality, Personal Power and more…


Abundance has somewhat been hijacked as primarily a material & financial thing whereas there’s is so much more…


Together we enJoy…


Deep Energy Healing around Poverty Consciousness including early conditioning / past lives / ancestral & karmic 


Shamanic Guided Meditations & Journeys to access our subtle realms 


Live Channeled Teaching and Individual Guidance from The Eagles and other spiritual teachers 


Energy Healing and Transmission to gather more of the Abundance energetics of Love, Joy, Pleasure, Satisfaction,  Good Health & Happiness. 


Conscious and Intuitive sharing and journalling 


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Violet Hill Studios, Maida Vale, London 

Sat 22nd June 10.30am- 5.30pm £95.00

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